Is magic right for you?

Walk-around magic is flexible. It can be done anywhere and under nearly any conditions. No staging is required, no lights, and no sound equipment.

Magic is a great conversation starter. People will turn to each other and talk about what they have just seen. It does not interrupt the flow of an event. Unlike a stand-up show, walk-around does not require the attention of the entire crowd. It only requires the attention of those participants who are immediately involved.

It is personalized entertainment. Individuals get their own show. The magic happens right in their hands.

To have a show, all you need is a group of people.

If you are having an event with less than fifty people, certainly no more than one hour is necessary to satisfy your guests’ entertainment needs. If there are fewer than twenty-five people, a one half hour formal close-up show is suggested and a one hour magician’s visit is reasonable for fifty to one-hundred people.

Business Ideas

If you are a restauranteur, consider adding magic as an attraction. Everyone loves magic; people will tell their friends, and their friends will come into your restaurant to see it.

The magician is an extension of your staff-someone to greet guests, someone to take care of requests before they become problems, and someone to entertain and make your guests feel special. This means no lost table space for your restaurant.

We all know unavoidable delays happen. "I'm sorry it will be just a few more minutes on your steak." or "we are on a 45 minute wait right now" are a part of doing business. What percentage of business is lost to walk outs? Wouldn't it be nice if those inconvenienced customers could be entertained while they wait?

Another Option

Close up and walk around magic (sometimes referred to as “Table Hopping”) is rapidly becoming the “it” entertainment at product launches, promotions, corporate dinners, receptions, private parties and restaurants. As the magician mingles with the guests, and the magic is performed for small groups of people seated at tables or standing around in groups, magic has to be one of the most versatile forms of entertainment around.

This is a highly-personal type of entertainment, one in which the audience is totally involved, and one where the concept of performer and spectator is discarded for a more universal experience, enjoyed by both the magician and the onlookers together.